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トラ ウサギ カエル クマ ネズミ

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5000 : US$ 49.5
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3000 : US$ 31
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1500 : US$ 16
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1000 : US$ 11
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3000 × 5 : US$ 149


5000 × 5 : US$ 241

These are Apple iTunes Japan store Gift Card.
1000, 1500, 3000 and 5000.

The card is authentic.
There are no expiration date on these cards.
The card is valid on any digital downloads
at the iTunes store on the Japan iTunes website.
(music,videos,games, etc.)

You can only use the card at the iTunes Japan store.

I accept PayPal ONLY.

After payment, the code is sent with e-mail.
I only send the code by e-mail to your Paypal e-mail.

The repeat customers :
You will receive the code within 24 hours.

The new customers :
You can buy only 1000 and
will receive the code within 7days.

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